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As a result of the potential for cancerous tumors, even children with successful bone marrow transplants have to be watched closely for further complications. However, the life expectancy for bone marrow transplant and Fanconi anemia patients has lengthened considerably since research efforts have grown.

Research of Fanconi anemia is closely linked with breast cancer research.

Team BrAvery's bikes in Osteen, Florida during the November 2012 mountain bike race across Florida, 252 miles of trails, bike paths, and dirt roads.  Monies were raised for research of Fanconi anemia and Bone Marrow Transplants.

In 2018, Team BrAvery's Wingman and Buzz ran the Keys 100. A 100 mile race from Key Largo to Key West and they had to finish within 32 hours to receive the much-coveted Keys 100 Belt Buckle for completing the race. They finished in 31 hours, 54 minutes and Team BrAvery raised over $70,000 for the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund!

First of all, we are simply glad you are visiting our website because our initial goal is to raise awareness about Fanconi anemia.

Fanconi anemia is a rare genetic condition that prevents human cells from replicating correctly. In essence, a child's body produces about 17 million new cells daily and not all of them are "good" copies. With Fanconi anemia, the body's ability to fix "bad" copies is limited and they accumulate to cause various complications, such as bone marrow failure and cancerous tumors.

Some Fanconi anemia children are born with physical defects but many don't find out until they begin experiencing bone marrow failure. Typically, this is within the first five to seven years of age.

In 2017, Team BrAvery consisted of Buzz, Wingman, Hollywood, and Curtis. They biked non-stop through seven states in 33 hours, for a total of 340 miles. Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. 

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Team BrAvery Challenges are always self-funded! In other words, all donations go direct to the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund and never to us. We pay all our own costs for these Challenges.

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