Team BrAvery

In September 2020, Team BrAvery members Hollywood, Wingman, Keya, & Buzz went west and ran the Maah Daah Hey Trail through the Badlands of N. Dakota. 

Team BrAvery trains a lot and believes in preparing as much as possible. But each Challenge is meant to take us out of our comfort zone and lead us into just a little bit of the unknown.

      Where will Team BrAvery be going?

Our next Team BrAvery Challenge begins June 11 at the Grand Canyon!

In April of 2020, during the COVID-19 shut down, Team BrAvery cancelled original plans for a May run in N. Dakota. Instead, we did the "April Calendar Challenge", running the number of miles for the day of the month. On April 1, we each ran one mile, April 2 was two miles.........

On April 30th we ran the final 30 miles for a total of 465 miles for the month. During that time, we continued to raise funds for Fanconi anemia research.



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Our Team BrAvery Challenge for 2021 takes us to a familiar location, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Eleven years ago, Team BrAvery members Buzz, Hollywood & Wingman did the Rim to Rim to Rim run. We started on the South Rim, ran down, across, and up to the North Rim, then turned around and ran back. We only hung around on the North Rim long enough to grab some food, load up water, and take some pics. This year we start where we left off in 2010 but we are biking instead of running and we will head north towards Zion National Park. 

But we have more in store - in fact we will have biked 6 national parks by the time we are done nearly 500 miles later. We have six days scheduled for this Challenge, plans to take hundreds of amazing photos, and expect to get quite a workout from biking something like 24,000 feet in elevation gain. 


We do these Challenges as our way of raising funds for the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund.  Our friends rose to the challenge last year for the Maah Daah Hey Trail Run Challenge and we raised over $200,000! If you are interested in helping our 6 National Parks in 6 Days Challenge fundraising,  then just <Click Here>.

To everyone that has already donated - we owe you a huge THANK YOU!

Hollywood, Wingman, Buzz, Keya           

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